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If you’re stressed and anxious about debt, get proactive and look at your financial solutions.

iLender has the experience and knowledge to help you with those solutions  such as debt consolidation. We can offer advice to help you manage your debt and start working towards new financial goals and a new future.

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(All loans are secured on residential property).

Debt Consolidation Explained

Debt consolidation involves rolling your debts into one simple, manageable loan. This means one loan and one regular repayment.

With only one loan to manage, you can start moving towards eliminating debt and financial stress from your life.

Refinancing for Greater Financial Control

iLender can look at debt consolidation and refinancing options with you to work out the best solution for you and your finances. We can advise on the release of equity in your property by refinancing, to lower your costs – quickly and efficiently. You will know straight away if a refinance is possible and what savings you can make.

With interest rates at their lowest ever and expected to fall further, over the next couple of years, now is a great time to reduce your monthly outgoings.

So what are you waiting for – make a call to iLender now!

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iLender is proud to be rated Number 1 on Trade Me. Hundreds of customers have given us rave reviews on Trade Me and recommend us to their friends and family. 

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New Zealand’s Debt Consolidation Specialists, Here to Help You!

Our expertise is particularly useful for:

  • Self-employed people
  • Those looking to reduce outgoings
  • Buyers looking to avoid a bad debt mortgage situation

Our iLender experts will look at your financial situation and advise you of the best solutions for you, helping you to get ahead on the next stage of your financial journey.
One call to us means you are speaking to almost all lenders with one call, so we can guarantee you the best rates.

Can I apply for a Debt Consolidation help now?

Yes! It’s a quick and easy process so:

We’ll tell you straightaway what can be done to help you and what costs are involved.

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