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“You don’t need it till you need it!”

At iLender Insurance we understand the importance of family and are here to help by giving you advice on how to protect your family financially, should the worst happen.

Our advice is tailored to your personal circumstances, needs and budget, as no two customers are the same.

With the excitement of getting a new mortgage, it may not seem a priority to consider the financial risk to family once your mortgage is settled.

Our specialist Insurance Advisers are well experienced to talk you through such important matters. You will get to know all the options to get cover for your mortgage and income. After they have chatted about your needs, you will receive impartial advice and a personal report based on your own situation.

Getting appropriate advice is crucial, as a poor decision based on a lack of knowledge or information, could cost you dearly in the long run.

(This is the main downside of arranging Insurance on-line, with no professional advice being provided).

Sleep nights safe in the knowledge you have made an informed decision, based on recommendations made to suit the needs of you and your family.

Receive advice on the right competitive product, based on your needs and budget, as work on your behalf  with all major NZ Insurance providers.

iLender Insurance prides itself in offering you a review of any existing Insurances, to see if they are adequate and ‘fit for purpose’ for your new mortgage. Your personal plan is designed especially for you and your family and is easy to understand and will ‘tick all the boxes’ in terms of your needs, incorporating any existing cover that may be appropriate and including details of suggested new cover.


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iLender Insurance can provide cover for many different types of Personal Insurance, all of which can be tailored to your individual needs, including:

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a lump sum amount (generally an amount to repay debt and leave some behind for loved ones) which becomes paid by the Insurer if the insured person dies or is terminally ill.

Trauma Cover

If you became seriously ill, Trauma Cover gives you financial freedom to make your own choices, at a time when your health has been seriously affected and you may have to rethink your future.

Total Permanent Disability Cover

If you become unable to work in your own or any occupation for which you are suited by training, education, or experience due to illness or injury, you can have Total Permanent Disability cover that will provide you with a lump sum payment.

Income and Mortgage Cover

An accident or illness during your working life is a real possibility and recovering from an illness or accident is difficult enough without the extra burden of financial worries. Sick pay generally only covers a few days of absence each year and may not be enough to cover your mortgage or rent payments. That’s why it’s important to have a contingency plan in place by having Income and Mortgage cover.

Medical Cover

Health insurance enables you to bypass lengthy waiting lists and receive treatment quickly should you become ill or injured. Private Medical Insurance needn’t be expensive and there are plenty of options available which can give you peace of mind that you will be well looked after in the event of illness.

Business Insurance

If your business suffers financially as a result of an event, Business Insurance can help you recover. Insurance compensates for costs directly related to the event and those that you face if you’re forced to stop trading – because outgoings still have to be paid even when income stops.

Our advice is free as we are remunerated by the Insurance Provider via commission.

So let us help you find the ideal Personal Insurance solution!

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