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home loans for all types of people

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High LVR Mortgage

For those with low deposit (high loan to value).

Self Employed Mortgages 

Self Employed

At last a Home Loan product specifically for the Self Employed.

bank homeloan

Bank Home Loans

We do the work so you don’t have to. We often get better rates too.

Non Banks Help Too

Solutions for people with bad credit or hard to prove income.

First Home Buyers

Specialists in helping first home buyers.

Property Investment

Specialist products for the first time buyer and seasoned investor.



Make your loan payments manageable now!


No Proof Of Income

You know you can afford the Mortgage, you just can’t prove it!

Debt Consolidation

For people who need to reduce their monthly commitments.

Reverse Mortgages

Releasing equity to do the things you want to do!

Non Residents and Migrants

To help new arrivals and those living overseas (don’t forget the pension transfer too).

Business Loans

iLender is able to provide help with Flexible ‘Unsecured’ Business Loan.



Commercial Mortgages

Important Stuff

When buying or re-financing a property the finance is only one part of the equation. It’s important to know about the other parts and how they can help you borrow money safely.


“I only needed it when I needed it“. A true quote from a Customer who had lost his job recently and relied on the cover in place to protect his mortgage and more importantly his home. Nobody likes paying for it but it is really important to get the basics in place and we are under an obligation to mention this when arranging your Mortgage.


For most transactions, you need a lawyer, not only for the property work but also to advise on Wills, Trusts and perhaps Family loan agreements. If you are based North Shore, Henderson, Orewa or Kumeu districts, have the lawyer come to you. Fixed fee mobile conveyancing from Jessie Foley means no time off work and she will visit you at home in the evenings too.

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House Inspections

Generally, there is no requirement for any inspection to be made when buying a house. Amazingly most people do not have the property they are buying professionally inspected even though the ‘leaky home’ situation is huge and the property is still being built that will leak! The only true method of finding out whether or not a property is leaking is to have a ‘thermal imaging’ report done. This is really important when the house you are looking at is under 20 years old and is clad, rather than brick.


Primarily Trusts are created to protect assets and have been around for over 400 years. This is a very complex area and the IRD are looking closely at Trusts to make sure they were created properly and being run correctly. New Regulations around ‘responsible lending’ may also affect the final structure. Seek professional advice upfront.

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