Frequently Asked Questions

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I’m self employed and can’t prove my income, can you help?
Yes! We have products that don’t need proof of income or any Accountant letter.
I’ve been turned down by my Bank, can you help?
Yes. We specialise in helping people who have been turned down by their Bank, whatever the reason.
My credit file is terrible, can you help me too?
Yes. We have schemes for all credit situations, even halting Bankruptcy proceedings.
Am I too old to get a mortgage?
We don’t look at age in assessing your mortgage. Call us to find out more.
I've just moved to New Zealand, no credit record here. Can you help?
Yes. This is no a problem for us.
I only have a small deposit, do all Banks lend with the new Restrictions in place?

Most don’t go over 80% unless the proposal is really strong. Don’t worry, there are alternatives, call 0800 536 337 for details.

In May 2020, the Reserve Bank temporarily removed the LVR restrictions for 12 months, this to allow the Banks to assist those requiring Mortgage deferments.

How can you offer me a mortgage when others can’t?
We have products that are not generally available elsewhere and as we look at each client separately we can normally come up with a solution quickly.
What details do I need to give you to get an approval?
Simply how much you want, the value of the property and whether or not you are proving income.
Are your rates excessive?
No. In the majority of cases the rates are at least as good as going direct and often better. This is because of the ‘buying power’ we have. If your credit is poor then the rate may be loaded to start with and we aim to get this down as quickly as possible.
Are there any charges if I repay my loan early?
Depending on the mortgage product you choose there may be early repayment chargers. However, we believe in complete transparency, so if there are any charges you will know about them right up front.
How much can I borrow?

At iLender we deliberately do not put up an online calculator as they are very misleading. To get an idea of what you can borrow simply give us a call or send us a message and we’ll go over the numbers together.

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What kind of mortgage structure?

Finding the right mortgage structure is essential to applying for a home loan. First home buyers should read about their options here and ask our expert mortgage brokers for assistance.

OK, I’m convinced, how do I apply?

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