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With ever rising costs a lot of customers that we’ve helped, described the situation they found themselves in, felt like they were in ‘Mortgage Prison’! Stuck with a very high interest rate mortgage and feeling like there are no options or ways to get ahead.

Some common situations we’ve found are:

  • High ‘Loan To Value’ investments, or those that had a low deposit
  • A ‘glitch’ on the credit file, or Banks claiming poor account conduct
  • Hard to prove or inconsistent income eg. those who are Self-Employed
  • The type of property or it’s condition impacting banks willingness to lend

A lot of mortgages have ‘served their time’ and at iLender, we have developed specific lending solutions to help people ‘break out’ to more traditional borrowing, at lower interest rates, saving people thousands of dollars.

Some examples of how iLender has helped

  • Savings of over $600 per week
    A borrower at 80% ‘Loan To Value’ on a standalone investment property was paying 12.4%. A dollar for dollar refinance at standard floating rates, realised savings of over $600 per week.
  • Reduced interest rate from 11% to 6.95%(July 2023)
    A borrower paying 11% interest because of poor account conduct, was refinanced to another Mortgage Lender at standard rates who do not need Bank statements.
  • Reducing interest costs by thousands
    A borrower who was paying 11.75% due to short term self-employment, can now enjoy standard rates, saving thousands of dollars in interest costs.
  • Reduced interest rate from 12.5% to 6.95%(July 2023)
    A borrower bought a property with no CCC on a short term bridging loan at 12.95%. They managed to get a retrospective CCC, so we were able to refinance them to a standard interest rate with significant cost savings.

These are just some examples of how iLender’s unique approach can help reduce your interest and costs.

There is no one size fits all, we assess each situation individually.

There’s no cost or obligation if you use our assessment service; we are completely independent of any Bank or Mortgage Lender and offer impartial advice across the board.

So whatever your situation, iLender is here to help you determine your options.


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