iLender provides a complete Mortgage Service to all Financial Advisers, Solicitors, Accountants, AFA's and their clients - we call it 'TheMortgageDesk'

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Providing 'easy as' Mortgage Solutions for your Clients. We are Mortgage Experts and have a national reputation for being able to assist Clients when the Banks say "No", or get better deals simply due to the contacts and volumes we write.

You paint the picture of what's required and we'll do the work. How many times has a Client gone to the Bank for a mortgage, only to be cross sold Insurance that is either inappropriate or causes a clawback?

'TheMortgageDesk' is our Solution to this.

You refer a Client to us for a Mortgage only, with a guarantee that we will look after them as if they are our own. We also offer a 100% guarantee that we do not and never will cross sell other products. 'TheMortgageDesk' has been operating for years and some of our Introducers are other Mortgage Brokers who do not have the contacts that we do for ‘out of the square’ situations.

Others include Insurance Advisers who do not want to do Mortgages and Investment Advisers, Accountants, Lawyers and Real Estate Agents.

Erin Jamieson of Professionals Pukekohe said on TradeMe:
"Fantastic service again. Thank you Jeff, you are the best. I am referring my clients to you. Thanks again."


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What we do for you:

  • We assist you to maximise your offering to Clients
  • We offer an online service with access to most Banks, often getting better results than possible elsewhere.
  • Access to all non Bank and Specialist Lenders
  • Access to Finance Companies and Solicitor Nominee Funds
  • Payment of commission within 24 hours of receipt by us
  • We become your partner for expert mortgage advice
  • Your Insurance advice is secured - not the case if the Client goes to the Bank directly
  • Easy as? Just let your Client know we will be in touch and give us the details - we'll do the rest

How your Clients will Benefit:

  • Expert advice for all types of Mortgages
  • Self employed specialists
  • Bad credit/arrears experts
  • Quick impartial advice across all Lenders
  • Award winning mortgage advice – Winners of The Specialist Adviser Award 2015
  • Access to Lenders not available to the general public
  • Access to exclusive mortgage deals
All done on the phone or by email with no home visit necessary.

To discuss how this service could work for you and your clients, simply call iLender on 0800 536 337 - we'll be delighted to have a chat and and advise you how 'TheMortgageDesk' can work with you to help you and your clients.

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