Self Employed and Can't Prove Income?

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Lo Doc and No Doc Mortgages Made Simple

Are you finding it hard to secure a mortgage because you haven’t got the relevant or ‘right’ documentation for the banks?

Home loan applications can be tricky to navigate at the best of times – when you don’t have the right documents about your financial history, or your documents are simply not available to you, it can be even tougher.

Self-employed New Zealanders may also have trouble providing documentation to banks, if they haven’t been trading long enough or aren’t able to provide the required financial information to the bank.

Low Documentation Mortgage Solutions

At iLender, we can help you secure a low documentation (lo doc) home loan.

Lo doc means not having to prove your income using Financials. This can include commission sales, overseas income or simply financials not being available.

Lo doc mortgages are not generally available from the banks anymore, so we have special arrangements in place to help out. They can also be useful for short-term development funding, which banks are generally not keen on.


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Self Employed and Can't Prove Income? Let iLender Help!

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