Property Investment – Who Do I Need to Help Me?

As leading mortgage brokers in New Zealand, we understand what it takes to succeed in real estate.

If you’re looking at property investment in New Zealand, you will need expert guidance and professional services to protect your interests. Before you make any financial commitments, it’s a good idea to set up your professional support network.

You actually need two kinds of experts for your investment property; market experts and financial experts. Market experts can help you make informed property purchasing decisions, and help you with finding the best investment properties available. Financial experts can help you manage financial commitments and critical issues like getting the best mortgage rates.

Market Experts

This type of expert includes:

  • Valuers: Valuers are experts in market values. They are also experts in historical prices and local markets, and they are invaluable in terms of expertise when you’re considering a purchase
  • Existing Investors: These people are often happy to assist and give impartial advice. Local investor groups, on-line forums and some seminars can all help.
  • Property managers: Property managers are useful for getting information regarding rental incomes, property management issues, and other information which may affect your investment decisions
  • Lawyers: Your lawyer is your personal safeguard for your legal rights in purchase and sale. They manage all legal issues related to your investment property

Financial Experts

Good financial management is the key to successful property investment. Financial experts can assist you with valuable financial packages to fund your investments, like:

  • Mortgages, including investment mortgages
  • Equity loans (like leveraging the equity from your owner occupied property)
  • Second mortgages or short term finance for do-ups and selling on

Your financial experts are also excellent sources of information regarding property investment.

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