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There has been recent news on Bowel Cancer.  This disease has become one of the significant causes of death in our society – one in three of us will get bowel cancer.  That’s scary, and what’s worse it’s often diagnosed too late.  Having a sound trauma policy in place will certainly take the financial burden off the family while undergoing treatment and rehabilitation.  So don’t sit back and think this never going to happen to me – trauma cover can be tailored to be very cost effective.  Take a couple of minutes now and give Cristina a call (021 868 280) or email and let her do the work for you.


On another note here is a true story Cristina would like to share with you. 


“Cristina, you threw us a life line, and are so glad we took it.  When we moved in to our new home and were bogged down with mortgage and house insurance we didn’t think we needed or could afford trauma cover.  We are so glad we listened to you. Because four months after moving into our home my husband had a stroke, out of the blue.  He needed time off work, a good 12 months of rehabilitation; and your help during the claims process and getting a full payment has meant we can keep our house, we don’t have to sell and my husband has been able to rehabilitate in his own time without financial pressures.  We will recommend you to all our friends and family.  Words can’t express how grateful we are”

Health promotion: A very Special Offer

iLender has had a great uptake in enquiries for the health promotion for pre-existing conditions which still has a few days to run.  So for those of you who haven’t taken advantage of this please email or phone Cristina 021 868 280.  If you don’t have pre-existing conditions there are other options available and/or if you would like to review your existing covers give Cristina a call and she will be happy to undertake a “warrant of fitness” for you – no charge, just sound professional advice based on years of experience.

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