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investing in apartment in Auckland

Investing in Apartments vs Houses

Which is the best investment, apartments or houses? On one side you’ll find investors who believe a property’s value is in the land.…
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Family and their investment property

Do You Have Hidden Equity?

Putting together a deposit is often the hardest part about buying a property. Fortunately, those who have already bought their first home have…
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an investor and their tenant in Auckland

5 Tips for New Landlords

Investing in property is one of the most popular ways to secure a positive financial future in New Zealand. Investors who find the…
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tenants in a rental property in Auckland

How to Get and Keep Great Tenants

Successful property investment is all about achieving a consistent and profitable revenue stream. Finding and keeping quality tenants is one of the most…
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Benefits of using a mortgage broker

5 Benefits of Using A Mortgage Broker

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strategies to get mortgage free faster

Four Smart Strategies to Get Mortgage-Free Faster

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property investing in Auckland

How to Invest in Property When You Have a Full Time Job

There are few better feelings than knowing that you work in a rewarding job. But when you’re working long hours it can be…
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bank loan rejected auckland

My Loan Got Rejected – My Income Comes from Different Sources

Every day countless people have their home loan applications rejected from Banks, despite being able to provide a 20 or 30% deposit and…
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