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higher mortgage rate in 2017

2016, the Last Year of Lowest Rates?

We have seen the OCR drop this year and some banks have responded by decreasing their floating rate slightly but with most increasing…
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investing in property in Auckland

6 Reasons to Invest in Property in New Zealand

Investing in property is one of the simplest strategies to grow your personal wealth. It allows you to generate long-term income and hold…
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investing in apartment in Auckland

Investing in Apartments vs Houses

Which is the best investment, apartments or houses? On one side you’ll find investors who believe a property’s value is in the land.…
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Family and their investment property

Do You Have Hidden Equity?

Putting together a deposit is often the hardest part about buying a property. Fortunately, those who have already bought their first home have…
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an investor and their tenant in Auckland

5 Tips for New Landlords

Investing in property is one of the most popular ways to secure a positive financial future in New Zealand. Investors who find the…
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tenants in a rental property in Auckland

How to Get and Keep Great Tenants

Successful property investment is all about achieving a consistent and profitable revenue stream. Finding and keeping quality tenants is one of the most…
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Benefits of using a mortgage broker

5 Benefits of Using A Mortgage Broker

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strategies to get mortgage free faster

Four Smart Strategies to Get Mortgage-Free Faster

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